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Machine for stone 

Product purpose: The machine is designed for processing a stone in semi-automatic mode with a special tool. It is used for cutting granite in the manufacture of paving blocks and granite slabs.


Machine body is a welded construction of a closed-gnu of the profile on which are fixed: the desktop, drain pans, filters, electrical cabinets, rack with slides, a control panel. Skid-mounted electric motor, the shaft of which a work dedicated disk. Laid on the table storage, adjustable limit switches, switched working feed tool comes off supply in-dy in the treatment zone and produced cutting. At the end of the cutting tool av-matically returns to its original position.
Underframe K41-0620 galvanized by hot dip galvanizing in accordance with GOST 9.307-89. "COATING ZINC HOT General requirements and methods of control." The machine comes in a colored state. 


  •  index of products К41-0620;
  •  Dimensions (height, width, length) 1780х1720х2440;
  •  diameter of the disc, мм 620;
  •  spindle speed, Min -1 970;
  •  main engine power, kW 13;
  •  Power supply motor, kW 0,37;
  •  the maximum height of sawn blanks 180мм;
  •  maximum width sawn workpiece 520мм;
  •  the maximum length of sawn blanks 2000мм;
  •  machine performance 0,1м2/1 minutes.

Video - machine for stone work

The manufacturer reserves the right to change design and components do not affect the performance of the machine.