Granite is valuable finishing rock

Granite is a unique natural material used for building and the most common igneous rock on Earth. Granite is formed at great depth as a result of the slow cooling of melted magma. Diamond is the only rock that has better hardness qualities than granite. In production of granite paving stone mined using method of calving large blocks with the help of air cushion, or even more expensive way - stonecutter method. Absence of microcracks and high density of granite (up to 3000 kg per M3) - these are the secrets of the main properties of granite as a building material. This results in acid resistance, abrasion resistance, hardiness and durability when used for paving streets with granite.

Service life

The perfect example of durability and strength of granite is open drain granite boulders on land surface near the village of Kammenie Potoki in Kremenchuk region. The area is protected by the law because open boulders are more than 4 million years old. Old Ukrainian city of Lviv and other big cities are the perfect example of wide application of granite building tiles in paving the streets. Here you will see the granite covering and pavements, polished by "chariot" for centuries, granite tiles on the floor of churches and palaces, and so on. Although when granite paving of the Khreschatyk Street in Kiev was covered with asphalt under President Leonid Kuchma, that caused a lot of public discontent.

Composition and color

Even more important granite qualities as a finishing material is the variety of colors and shades in different deposits. Composition of granite relates it to polymineral rocks that create its grainy texture.
Granite consists of the following minerals:
  • - potassic feldspar (40%),
  • - quartz (35%),
  • - plagioclase,
  • - mica.
Feldspar defines coloring of granite. The least valuable and most common granite is light gray. There are also graphites with pink, red and black shades. Each deposit field is unique in its color and grain.

Variety of textures

Our company uses granites of different textures of well-known field deposits of Ukraine in production of sawn-sledged tiles and paving for sidewalks.
  • - black labradorite - Golovynske deposit field, Zhytomyr region;
  • - grayish-red and bright red, the most famous of Ukrainian granite of Anastasievskoe deposit field in Kirovograd region. The graphites are used in all types of construction without any limitations;
  • - gray - the most common fine-grained granite of maximum density of the Tansky deposit field in Cherkasy region;
  • - fine-grained pink - Soloshinskoe deposit field in Crimea.
"Vladimir ltd" is constantly improving its facilities, expanding the range of products and the base of granite deposits. Granite products produced by our company are used for paving streets, sidewalks, socles and overcladding.