Manufacturing process of fully-sawn heat treated paving stones

Paving blocks are made of natural stone: granite, gabbro, labradorite, etc.

1. Natural stone is a raw material, used on cutting machine.
2. Machine operator performs cutting operations into unmounted plates of necessary thickness: 10;20;30;40;50mm and others.
3. Unmounted plates are sent to heat treatment section where cut surfaces are worked into rough texture.
4. Heat-treated unmounted plates are sent to edging machine, where the operator produces paving plates of predetermined dimensions by cutting into the needed size.
5. Paving stones are packed on pallet with quality control and then it is sent to warehouse for finished products.

All our products comply with all regulations on environment and radioactivity, including the 1st radioactivity class which allows them to be used in construction without any restrictions.

You spend money only once when using granite paving stones i construction - you do not need to do it all over again in a few years. Moreover, granite paving stone becomes even more beautiful with years. Your children and grandchildren will highly appraise the paving work!